The African Sports Science Institute Clinic is an orthopaedic surgery and sports science practice in Cape Town, South Africa.  It provides musculoskeletal care to improve performance and quality of life and is an African initiative to provide standardised international orthopaedic and sports medicine care

Assic was founded and is headed by Dr Yusuf Hassan, a specialist orthopaedic surgeon based in Cape Town, with a focus on sports injuries  and orthopaedic surgery, including joint replacement and soft tissue knee surgery.  His comprehensive surgical experience is underlined by his experience in sports medicine as Springbok rugby doctor (2004 to 2007), where he successfully led the medical team to culminate in the world cup win in 2007

Assic is pioneering technology based tools to assist in speedy and accurate referral of orthopaedic surgery cases as well as in personal fitness management for individuals and professional athletes.

Assic is also committed to providing a platform to promote collaboration between an African network of specialist orthopaedic surgeons. Another focus is the provision of an education portal for both the general public and for professionals to promote engagement, discussion and dissemination of latest surgical techniques and procedures.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery, Clinic, Joint Replacement and Injuries


Fitness Management

Sports Medicine

Sports Injuries and Assessment


Training and Research


Professor Tim Noakes

“To my knowledge he did not make a single diagnostic error in the time that the worked with the Springboks.  He was absolutely astonishing.”

Percy Montgomery

“Dr Hassan has always been there as a good professional team player on & off the field of rugby. During the final match of the RWC 2007 his knee injury assessment during the match gave me composure & confidence to successfully complete the match. I would recommend his professional services”

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